Friday, April 1, 2011

April What?

It took me reading several different posts in several different places to realize that today is April Fools' day. After reading a few, I thought to myself, wow, everyone is extra silly today. And finally (when someone actually used the words April and Fools in the same sentence) I was like, OH, everything makes sense now. Yeah, apparently taking a long road trip with my sister where we drove all day and then stayed up until 2:30 am every night takes my brain several days to get back from. So, I've decided that instead of the post I had planned for today, I had better wait until Monday when I can see if actually makes sense. And now that I know the date, I will adopt the appropriate attitude of not believing anything anyone says.

So do you guys do anything for April Fools'? Do you play tricks on your kids? What was the best trick that you were a part of (either as the tricker or the trickee?) I need to get my kids good when they get home to make up for the fact that I forgot.


  1. I always think that I should do something, but never do. My husband did make "burnt" pancakes for breakfast, but since they were really chocolate, it was more yummy than tricksy. Good luck figuring out something before the kids come home!

  2. My daughter has the day off of school today. Well this morning, as she was settling down to cartoons, my husband told her to go get dressed, because the school called, and she does have to go today.

    She promptly burst into tears.

    He was like, "No, no! April Fools! It was just a joke!" But the damage was done, and he felt like a big jerk all morning. :)

  3. Jenilyn, yeah, I've never really done anything to my kids for April Fools but I always hear these really funny stories and thought it might be time. :)

    Renee, okay, that story has made me want to do a joke even more. lol Just kidding. Yeah, maybe I should stick with tricking my husband. Hmm, maybe I should tell him I'm pregnant again or, then he might burst into tears. :)

  4. I told my firends I was pregnant, but accidently send it to a friend who is struggling having kids. I felt like a turd telling her I was kidding...

  5. I honestly can't think of anything! My mind is blank. I've never been the biggest fan of April Fool's. I do remember when we were little my mom would put our cereal in our cups and our orange juice in our bowls. She'd put rocks in our shoes, and had a few other little things she always did. :) I should probably trick my kids, but they are so little they'd probably think I was serious and be scarred for life! He he.

  6. I did an April Fools Day prank once. My step-dad nearly killed me and my mom thought she was going to have to choose between us.... I haven't done one since.

    Horrible holiday... really.


  7. Here, in Chile, we don't celebrate it... we have something similar in December, tho :D
    Anyway, I think it's FUN!

  8. Aurora, Oh man, that's not good. I guess that is a great lesson about practical jokes. Mine always seem to backfire on me, too.

    Chantele, yes, those are the fun things I like for April Fools' too (colored food, rocks in shoes, etc). I think those are pretty harmless. My luck, I'd probably scar my children as well if I tried anything more than that. :)

    Jenn, lol Now I need to know what this horrible prank was. :) And can I request never to be pranked by you?

    Monica, in December, huh? Cool. :) I think it can be fun when done right. It sounds like you've had some good experiences with it.