Thursday, September 8, 2011

DingDong's Fate

Did I leave you guys in duck limbo or what? I'm so sorry. I hadn't intended to do that but we ended up going out of town for labor day weekend and I didn't think to schedule a post before I left. Don't worry, I have been properly chastised by two different people and I feel much horrible shame and regret.

So, back to Ding Dong (our pet duck). If you remember from last time, he had escaped in the car and was now about to be introduced to a new pond with new fowl to contend with--geese (and we all know how mean geese can be). When I carried him to the pond, the geese were nowhere in sight. This is good, I thought, he can get used to the place before having to fight for his life. My friend kept assuring me that the geese were nice, but that's what I thought about the ducks on the corner, as well, until they tried to peck my duck to an early death. My 4 year old son (having been much traumatized by the event) kept reminding me of this fact on the way to the new pond. But, I felt the need to try it anyway. I know it sounds ridiculous, and maybe makes me seem like a weirdo, but I really wanted our crazy little duck to be happy. I hoped that maybe, since the pond was so big that they would all just leave each other alone.

This was his first thought about the whole scenario:

So he wouldn't get in, but I was hopeful that if left be for a while, everything would go well. So I took my crying son (crying because even though I had told him we were going to leave the duck, it didn't register until we actually had to *leave* the duck) and we shut the duck into the gated pond area. He followed us, quacking at the gate and looking at me with those sad duck eyes (what? you've never heard of sad duck eyes? Well, they're awful. They involve a tilting head and a few mournful quacks). We talked with my friend for a while and calmed my son down then got in the car. As we drove away, Ding Dong followed our van all the way along the fence line, quacking and flapping his wings. I felt terrible, not to mention scared for when the geese showed up. Yes, this all sounds so dramatic.

Anyway, not two hours later my friend texted me with a video of Ding Dong in the water. I was so happy. One obstacle down. Then an hour after that, she sent me this text: "Now he is hanging with the geese. He is happy with them and they like him. :) Yay, all is well for Ding Dong!!" I asked her if she saw who approached who and how it went down and she said, "No we don't know. All of the sudden the three of them were cruising around together. And he has been dipping down for fish (whatever that is called)."

Our duck was living in the "wild" with new friends. Wow, I feel like such a sap, but these texts made me soooo happy. It went better than expected. Now, the only problem? What am I going to blog about? Suggestions, anyone?? :)


  1. How fun! I'm actually terrified of ducks, so maybe you could blog about an animal you're terrified of... ?

  2. Oh, I'm so ridiculously pleased that DingDong is doing well in the wild. Yay! :)

  3. I'm so glad Ding Dong is happy too!

  4. We will miss Ding Dong when we come to visit...

  5. Yeah! Glad your duck got a happy ending. If you get any blogging ideas, could you let me know?

  6. I'm so glad Ding Dong got his happily ever after. :) I'm going to miss your little stories about him!

  7. (sniff) I hope you have visitation rights . . .

  8. What a great and tender story. It is evident that Ding Dong is loved. I'm sure this is a memory your son will forever have. How many kids get to say they had a pet duck?

    Enjoying your blog. *New follower*

  9. Yay for Ding Dong! I'm so relieved he's not out and about in traffic anymore. ;-)

    Maybe now...get a turtle?

  10. This is is the kind of blog I need to start off my day!!! Yay for Ding Dong!!!!

  11. Great feel good story, beats the dog going to the farm to live.

  12. Yay Ding Dong! Score one for ducks everywhere!

    I admit to being a little saddened knowing that somewhere out there, a friend of mine doesn't have a pet duck anymore. Le sigh.

  13. Okay, you might be mad at me for not informing you of this earlier, and I'm not an expert on the DingDong species, however, chickens (being a close cousin)eat spiders. You know, like in black widows.

    Now you might google this to be sure, but if ducks, geese, or whatnot fowl eat spiders, you might consider getting him back.

    Then you would always have material with which to blog.

  14. Shannon, Yes, hooray indeed. :)

    Elana, great idea! Now.....what animal am I scared of? :)

    Linda, I know, it just makes a person happy, right?

    Cynthia, me too!

    Candi, you're not the only one who will miss DingDong. You know what I won't miss though? All the poop! Duck poop is gross.

  15. Angie, I know. I'm constantly trying to think of blogging ideas. We need an idea generator. :)

    Chantele, :) Yes, he was fun to tell stories about. Maybe I'll have to visit him so I still have some stories.

    Susan, you're telling me. :) I do have visitation rights! I demanded them. :)

    Lena, I know, right? It is a unique pet. I'm sure my kids will talk about it for years.

    Jenn, we have turtles! Tortoises actually. Two of them. You're right. They need to star in some posts. They are quite ridiculous.

    Kimberly, Yay for fun duck stories in the morning! :)

    Patti, Ha! My husband suggested duck for dinner. Rude, right? :) It sure beats the dog on the farm or duck for dinner.

  16. Sara, I think this was a big win for the ducks of the world. :) I'm a little sad myself that the pet duck is gone though.

    Tricia! Must you remind me that the spider population in my house will now double?? We were already having spider problems. :) So does this mean I should get some chickens now? Will they attack my neighbors?

  17. Sad to see him go, but I'm glad it all worked out. I mean, duck carnage would have been cool, but in my heart I want Ding Dong to live.

  18. Bittersweet. Farewell, Ding Dong the Duck!

  19. I still can't get over the fact that his name's Ding Dong. Ding Dong! Ah, it's a good life for a duck.

    Blog about what your day is like - I love peeking into people's daily lives. It helps tell me that I'm normal. (ish)