Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The Next Big Thing--Blog Tag

My fellow Thirteener and friend Jenn Johansson tagged me with a blog tag that's been traveling around the upcoming debut authors. It looked like a lot of fun (and lets face it, I've been hurting for blog content lately) so here goes.

What is the title of your book?

The title of my book is PIVOT POINT. Fun fact about the title: my husband came up with it. We were brainstorming. He is brilliant. Another side note, I have not come up with any of the final titles of my books. Sad, but true. I'm awful at naming books. My agent just titled my latest book and she, too, is brilliant. Lesson--surround yourself with brilliant people.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

This book was inspired by the movie Sliding Doors. I've always loved that movie. I love the idea of how one choice can change the course of a life. Alternate realities are fun to explore.

What genre does the book fall under?

Hmm. That's a tricky question. I've heard people call it paranormal, sci-fi, and contemporary fantasy. I'd say it definitely has a strong lean toward contemporary, so as long as you include that word, it could fit with any of those three genres.

What is the one sentence synopsis for the book?

Pivot Point is about a girl who has the ability to see two outcomes of a choice.

How long did it take you to write your book?

The first draft took me about 2-3 months. Then I edited off and on for about 6 months.

Will it be self published or published through a traditional publisher?

It will be published through HarperTeen on February 12, 2013. I'm very excited. I love HarperTeen and think they put out a lot of quality novels so I feel lucky to be one of their authors.

Which actors would you use to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I have actually never answered this question for this particular book before. Some of my early books I cast in my brain, but not this one yet. So I better go figure it out. :)

Okay, looking through lists and lists of actors/actresses and *suffering* through hundreds of pictures of cute boys, I've found some that are close. It's hard to find someone who looks exactly like what I have pictured in my head.

Addison: Annasophia Robb

Laila: Shay Mitchell

Duke: Chord Overstreet

Trevor: ???? I couldn't find anyone who fit Trevor close enough for me. Maybe I'll stumble upon a picture one day and post it. :)

Thanks for tagging me, Jenn. That was fun.

Since I have no idea who has been tagged and who hasn't, I tag anyone who wants to play that has a book coming out in the next year. :) Let me know if you end up doing it so I can read your answers.


  1. Haha, awesome. But no pic of Trevor?! I feel cheated. :) You better keep looking. Thanks for playing along!

  2. I've had your book in my Goodreads To Read pile forever! So excited for its release!!!

  3. How funny! Two of my CPs tagged me, and I can't find an actor that fits the boy in mine, either. And I've spent WAY too much time looking. I can cast the whole story, but not THE BOY. LOL. I love your casting choices. Awesome story! :o)

  4. Hi Kasie!! Oh I love this post! So much so that I did it for my own book ::: Thanks for "tagging" me!!

  5. Love the actors you picked -- but no Trevor??? I'm so bummer! ;) Can't believe it's almost out. Yay!!

  6. Um, I'm so BUMMED. Yeah. And apparently sleep-deprived. ;)