Monday, February 25, 2013

Picture Overload!!!

I'm finally home and getting back into my routine. The last week and half has been awesome! I've met so many fun people. Some of whom I've known online for a long time. So now is the time where I show you lots of pictures. All these pictures were actually taken by other people. I brought my camera but didn't take a single shot. I know, I'm weird.

So the day after my launch here in my hometown, I traveled to Utah where I signed in this really cool bookstore called The King's English. If you ever visit Salt Lake you should check out this bookstore because it's such a cute store with its different levels and stairs and seemingly hidden rooms. It's a bookstore that seems like it belongs in the pages of a book.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Weech (Thanks for taking pics, Jenny! And thanks for coming all that way to see me! You're awesome!)

This is me and my good friend, Michelle Davidson Argyle. I bought two of her books when I was in Utah and I can't wait to read them (The Breakaway and Pieces). And thanks for taking pics as well, Michelle!

Next I went down to Provo for a conference called LTUE. It was my fourth year going and I adore this conference. It has such a great mix of readers and authors and illustrators. And it just so happens that four of the thirteeners were with me (All our books coming out this year). They are some of my best friends, which always makes a conference that much more fun. From left to right Renee Collins (Relic), Jenn Johansson (Insomnia), Me, Natalie Whipple (Transparent).

And here are even more awesome people that were at the conference. Yes, I'm the floating head in the back. (Also, that floating head next to me is my best friend, Candi. And, as I'm searching pics, it's the only one I can find of us at the conference, Candi! Why did we not take more pictures together? Probably the same reason I brought a camera and never used it.....yes, laziness.)

Natalie Whipple almost won the award for taking the most awkward shots of me for these awesome pics:

But then I went to San Diego to sign with Kiersten White for her launch of Mind Games and the lovely Ava took this shot and totally won the prize:

I don't know if it was the angle or what, but that picture could be used by the next circus that comes through town. "Come see the giant woman, folks!"

This angle is a much better. Although Kiersten wins the prize for best mid-sentence expression. 

Also, I got to meet the lovely Cindy Pon. She is so nice and adorable. I've known her online for quite some time so it was great to finally meet her in person.

It was such an awesome week. I love authors. I love readers and librarians. Thanks to everyone who helped make my launch week amazing. 


  1. Fun pictures! I love your red shoes. :)

  2. Oh the joy of candid photos! ;) Looks like you had a great time (talk about a height difference between you and Kiersten!)!


  3. Love the giant woman! Ha! One day I'll make it out to one of those conferences. I keep saying that. Is LTUE at BYU? I don't recognize the building, but maybe it's one of the newer buildings. I am with you on the bring-camera-but-don't-use-it thing. That's why we have friends who do use their camera.

  4. HA! That pic with Kiersten is too funny. I know it's just the perspective skewing the shot, but I laughed pretty hard.

  5. Yay! Congratulation on Pivot Point, Kasie!

    (And that's so awesome that you used my picture. And I'm mentioned. FLAIL MOMENT.)

    - Ava

  6. Kasie, looks like you had a blast at ALL of these. and LOL on the awkward pics! Too funny. But don't we all have them? Quick question, do you pronounce your name "Cassie" or Kasey? (always curious!)

  7. These are all fun! It was wonderful to see you, Kasie. I don't get to see you nearly as often as I'd like. :) Your launch was awesome!