Friday, January 23, 2009

What is my problem, people?

Okay, I have developed an especially obnoxious habit that I am trying my hardest to break. And that is, anytime I am around more than one person, I take to using the word "people" after (or before or in the middle of) nearly all statements. For example, I might say, "People, tell me that isn't rude?" Or, "Here's the thing, people, I am a huge dork for doing this."

Yes. I know. Annoying. Help me. Is there a pill for this? Because every time I say it I feel like I have suddenly turned my statement into a rallying cry. Like, "Am I right, people, come on! Let's go save the universe!" Or worse, I feel like the gum-flapping, arrogant jerk from the office (not the TV show, in case you were wondering which character that was. I just mean the local jerk in your average office. They all have them, right? They come standard with every office, don't they?) Seriously, what is my problem, people? And where did this annoying habit come from? I will blame all of you to make myself feel better. When I find out the real reason and/or cure myself of this horrible habit, I'll let you know. For now, I will try my hardest to only talk to one person at a time, thus avoiding the temptation to overly use the word.

I guess it's a little better than my old use of the word "peeps" to random strangers. For example, the time we went to the midnight release of a certain book and on my way out the door, I said (much to my own horror), in a very loud voice, "Thanks, see ya'll later, peeps." I really did. My sister still makes fun of me and my good friend, Nicki, bought me a shirt that says, "Where my peeps at?" to make sure that I don't live this down. (It wasn't the only time I did it, btw. If it had been the shirt and the mocking might not have been justified. But they were. Unfortunately.)

Now, don't get me wrong. Some people can pull this word off. Those same people, are a lot cooler than I am.

Oh, this reminds me of another time that I used the word "coolio" to a guy in Pier One. I will tell that embarrassing story tomorrow.

Are there any habits you have that you wish you could eradicate from your life?


  1. Hmm... I do. I use variations of the phrase "kick your trash" a lot, and also "seriously" or "that's smokin'!" The other day in the midst of a harmless game of Uno, my four year old yelled out, "Mommy! I am going to kick your trash!" LOL, maybe I should broaden my vocabulary.
    My sister, who is apparently very cool, can pull off phrases like "for shizzle" or "pah-tay" (aka... party, but cooler).
    If you find a pill Kasie, let me know ;)

  2. How 'bout good ole Bernie Mac--God rest his soul--he addressed his audience as America. Your peeps was his America. I like it when you call me peeps, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (this is coming form someone who has been called all sorts unmentionables)
    I can't resist a mention of your idol fixation because someday, when they come to Fresno, I'm going to be that contestant that satisfies your urge to laugh as you peek through your fingers. I'll give Simon a reason to be nice to everyone else after me--I'll have worn out his meanness.

  3. I was giggling the whole time I was reading this. I love that you use word like people and peeps and coolio. It makes my life so much more fun! But then I'm a big dork!! So what do I know. haha.

    Your talk about rallying cries made me think of "The Rod." He would totally say people all the time and probably will now that you've brought up so many good examples for me to steal. LOL!

  4. Oh, I have many stupid phrases I use all the time. It's embarrassing. I use exclamations too much, I know that. I'm not using them in this post on purpose. It's hard...

    Oh, and those ellipses. Yeah. I use those constantly. It's really annoying to people. Like I'm never finishing my thoughts or something...

    Yeah. I also flip up both my thumbs when I want to show something is great. I'm such a dork. We all do silly things, but it makes us interesting and fun, so don't stop being who you are!

    (had to put one exclamation point in there...)

  5. Jenn, I love that phrase. My sister in law says it all the time. Except she's one of those cool people who can get away with it. LOL That's so funny how we can know what we say too much of through our kids. My son is constantly saying "cool." And he's only 2. LOL

    Tricia, you were one of the unfortunates to see a display of the overuse of this word. Thank you for your forgiving nature and making it seem cute, even though you know in your heart that it was very annoying. LOL And, Tricia. I am waiting on baited breath for you to try out for American Idol. That will make me laugh soooo hard. I can only imagine what you will do. LOL

    Candi, The Rod is exactly who I was thinking of when I said gum smacking jerk. I thought that, in fact, he had used the word "people" and that is why I said "rallying cry," but I guess I just imagined it. LOL So steal away, because it is sooo him.

    Lady Glam, I love ellipses. Adore them. I also overuse them. LOL You're right, these silly phrases make me who I am, which is a major dork who thinks she's cool. (actually, I know I'm not, but sometimes I pretend like I am.) But, I don't mind making fun of myself. LIke I said yesterday, I love to laugh.

  6. FYI....white chicks are not allowed to say "peeps" and/or "peace out" (in case you were going to use that one next).

  7. You had me cracking up, Kasie! I think you should stay just the way you are! If no one's complaining, don't fix something that ain't broke! KWIM?

  8. My three teens live in mortal fear of my spouting very cool (and loudly) hip things that don't sound right coming from this middle aged person...which just makes me want to do it more. LOL Fo'shizzle, I'm down wit dat! (See what I mean? The rustier the saying, the more I want to shout it in their presence.)

    PS Maybe you have a "Pee" fixation? "Peeps, people..." :)

  9. Here's another secret about Kasie...ssh...she's been saying "people" since high school. Come on, don't you remember? I can hear you in my head. And its still funny. My thing is air quotes. I "love" them as they are quite "useful" and I won't ever "give them up".

  10. heheheh! This is funny! So how about you change to the more accepted Guys? LOL Or maybe it's not accepted? LOL! Who knows! I have tons of sayings... but I take massive pride in other people stealing my sayings! LOL! It's like MUhahah! they've been around me long enough... I know, because now they're talking like me! Muhahahah! LOL! I love it. It's my evil plan really, to make the world little Jenni talkers! BEWARE! be VERY AWARE!!!

    Ok now that was just random! Hehehe!

  11. Yeah, I have "seriously" disease, I can hardly contain myself in this comment.... also fantabulous, or uber that's a good one, not sure where I picked it up from, but my nephews informed me it was a South Park thing... I don't watch it but apparently my "peeps" do and they are an "uber" big influence in my life. It's okay though they are "seriously" "fantabulous"...

  12. Emily, thanks for giving me the official rules, it's funny you should mention "peace out" because that was next on my list.

    Beth, the thing is, I think people might be complaining, in their minds. LOL

    Angie, that's awesome. I can't wait to embarrass my teenagers. That is when this will all be worth it. LOL

    Heather!!! What??? How dare you rat me out. LOL I don't remember ever saying it in high school, but maybe I'm finally now mature enough to start recognizing my bad habits.

    Jenni, yeah, you're bad. You're already giving me new words that I need to now work to try to get rid of. LOL But you are cool enough to pull them off. I am not.

    Life in the 30, you had me cracking up. I love your words. I use "seriously" a lot too. LOL I love your other words. But I will try my hardest not to adopt them. LOL

  13. Totally hilarious post! My friend used to refer to her six month old twins boys as "my people" as in "my people have a gym class at 10:00 today." Cracked me up.

    Scary for me to eavesdrop on my two preschoolers. I hear all kinds of things when they are playing house, like "I can't take it anymore." and "I'm going to kill myself!"

  14. Coolio?? Really?? I don't think you even used that word when we were growing up!! I have an annoying one for you...there are servers that I work with at Cheesecake who will walk up to the table and say, "So what are WE having tonight?" Like they're going to sit down and join them! Now that's annoying!