Monday, September 14, 2009

Wax? Really?

10 things I hate about you (New York). Okay, well not really 10, because I wouldn’t be able to think of that many. But at least 2. ☺

So this isn’t necessarily New York’s problem, but since it has one, it's on my list (and it does not want to be on my list). The wax museum. Really? Wax celebrities? Perhaps I wouldn’t loathe the wax museum so much if my husband didn’t LOVE it. Not only do we have to go, but we have to spend hours there. HOURS posing with fake celebrities, setting up fake scenes, walking around fake-land. Ugh.

My husband has a crush on famous people. Not just a few famous people (like someone else I know [I love you Hugh Jackman]) but ALL of them. Seriously, he does not discriminate, if you are famous, he loves you and must take a picture with the wax version of you (that by the way looks only slightly similar to the real person).
Here are a few of his pictures (there are so many more):

This is how fake James Bond and I felt about the whole experience:

I was too busy seeing real famous people on this trip to be impressed by fake versions of them. Saw this guy on the airplane:

Yeah, we shared a moment. And by “moment” I mean, I smiled at him, he smiled back, and I thought to myself, you were so good in Felicity. Tell me that isn’t magical? If I hadn’t prominently displayed my wedding ring, I’m sure he would’ve climbed over his really hot girlfriend to talk to me.

So, what about you? Wax museum fan or not? (by the way, this is a test. If you answer wrong you will be added to my list)

Update: If you can't get enough of my husband's antics, follow this link to see more pics: Crazy husband.


  1. I've never been to a wax museum, so I'll have to reserve my judgment until I do. I'm sure the experience would be much more pleasant if I had you to mock all the wax figures and Jared to adore them.

  2. oh no not the list!!! Please Kasie don't put me on the list! Actually like Candi I've never been so I too shall have to wait until a further time to answer your question.

  3. Candi, resist the urge, but if you must go, you should take Jared. He at least makes it slightly amusing (because he gets soooo into it).

    Matthew, you're already on my list because you haven't updated your blog in eons. But, I'm sure I'm on your list because I keep promising to give you book 2 and then don't. Do those cancel each other out? Maybe? Crap, I better go work on book 2. :)

  4. Crap I really need to update my blog... ok maybe it's to late to update it but I should reboot it.

  5. I think wax museums are kind of creepy, and I'm so unimpressed at how little likeness some of the statues have to the real people. (And I should know, because I like totally hang with all the beautiful people all the time). The pics are hilarious, though. I'd love to see more. And, yeah, that totally hot girlfriend wouldn't have stood a chance if it weren't for your wedding ring.;-)

  6. I've never been to one, either. Though it must be just that we've just never been where there was one because I can picture my husband getting into it.

    So does he print out these photos and show them to friends and colleagues or is this just a private thing?

  7. Matthew, it's not too late. Give me more reviews! I must know what to read next. :)

    Debra, I know right? (to everything you said-including hot girlfriend). I added an update to the post just so you can see more pics. :)

    Linda, our husbands would probably get along really well. :) And no, he doesn't print them out and show people (especially not his clients LOL) he just uses them in ridiculous blog posts. I added a link to the end of my post if you would like to see an example of how he uses these pics.

  8. Hehe. Fantastic! Must go there someday... Adam would do the same thing.

  9. Perhaps Jared loves wax celebs so much because they cannot run & hide when he pulls out his big "guns." They are forced to stand and admire (oh no she did-n't)!! J/K I LOVE YOU JARED!!

    Highly amusing post!

  10. Not a huge fan of the fake celebs. I never really understood the attraction. I'd much rather go see a monet or go shopping--anything.

  11. Never been to one either. I'm not into dead or waxy things. So just the word "wax" paired with "museum" inspires hibernation.

    I loved the "crazy husband" pictures. Going with him might even offset the hibernation by a few hours.

  12. Well I am already on your I-don't-like-Macs list, so I guess I can be on your likes-wax-museums list. Sadly we have only gone once because, like you, my husband is not a fan.

  13. I don't even care about real celebrities, why would I care about fake ones?

    Wait, unless you count as a celebrity. I'd hang out with you all day...but still probably not a wax version of you.

  14. Michelle, oh good, our husbands can hang out together too. :)

    Emily, LOL That's funny stuff. I never thought of it that way before. I think you might be on to something.

    Lois, seriously. Anything, right? ANYTHING.

    Tricia, my husband does make normally boring/scary things a little more bearable. :)

    Jessie, I think you've just made yourself my arch enemy. I've been looking for one. You'd be perfect. Prepare yourself, nemesis. :)

    Natalie, I knew we were friends for a reason. Please move closer.

  15. I've never understood the allure of wax museums that is until I saw your husband's poses. I think I like the Oprah one the best.

  16. Kasie,
    My wax friends called and they are coming by the house this weekend to party. I'm going to need you to pack your stuff and clear out for a few days. We'll need the extra space.

  17. Wax museums freak me out. I keep thinking that I see them moving out of the corner of my eye.


  18. Nix on the wax museum. There's one here in my town (Las Vegas) which I've avoided like the plague. But if I had a free pass, I might be tempted to burn up an afternoon there, pulling rabbit ears on Oprah.